History Alumni Association.

History Alumni Association Professional Development and Training Center for the Blind.

  1. Background


Alumni Association Development of Vocational Training Center for the Blind. Founded by alumni of the School for the Blind Training Center in Nonthaburi. It is well established in the name. “Alumni Schools Vocational Training Center for the Blind,” which recognizes that blind people are disadvantaged. The burden of family and society, But when given the opportunity by the Vocational Training Center for the Blind School in Nonthaburi. It has been developing performance appropriately. Strengthen Stability and morale was ready to step out into society with dignity and potential of humanity. The founder of the organization was initiated in 1974 by a group of blind occupational distribution of Lottery for themselves and their family with the idea that disabled people should have a stable career. Today jointly called on the government to allocate a quota of government permanently. The representative of the alumni include Mr. Nipon Heetaphat, Mr. Tongdee Katong, Mr. Salhub Poethun and Mr. Niwat Kongngam. It was vocal in demanding that the government of Prime Dharmasakti agreement that will benefit the careers of people with disabilities. It is entrusted to the lottery government and distributed to people with disabilities. The Council on Social Welfare of Thailand Nationals represented in the lottery and be allocated to people with disabilities to sold.


In 1975 Mr. Nipon Heetaphat, Mr. Tongdee Katong and Mr. Prayhud Phunhongong jointly established Alumni Schools Vocational Training Center for the Blind. The collection has about 60 members, alumni were intended primarily to help its alumni with no job feed themselves and their families. Thus, there has been a meeting to choose a president. The meeting of the club and the draft regulation has been selected executive forum series. The project consists of this following member Mr. Nipon Heetaphat, Mr. Praderm Tubtimtes, Mr. Niwat Kongngam, Mr. Tongdee Katong and Mr. Prayhud Phunhongong and a number of directors. The member must pay dues to the club is 300 baht for the cost of the operations of the organization. The location of the school, Vocational Training Center for the Blind Bangkok is temporary in Nonthaburi.


In 1978 Board of Management Alumni Schools Vocational Training Center for the Blind has been assigned to the establishment of the association, which consists of 5 members, Mr. Nipon Heetaphat, Mr. Prayhud Phunhongong, Mr. Tongdee Katong, Mr. Narongchai Sukkawatthanasathaporn and Mr. Winai saelee also requested the school’s Alumni Association and the vocational training Center for the blind Association Nonthaburi provincial registrar has allowed. Was registered on February 1st 1980 by Mr. Nipon Heetaphat is the first president of the organization.


In 1998 the association has purchased land and a building area of 30 square meters for use as an office and the association, used as a contact member. Disability organizations, as well as public and private sector to nowaday. Later in the year 2011, the association has purchased more land and buildings for 1 unit area of 31 square meters, with building improvements and to comply with the provision of services to members. Disability organizations and other nearby communities. The seminars Training programs Its members were increased accordingly. The association’s office is located at No. 126 / 440-441 Moo 5 Community Housing Nonthaburi  Sukhaprachasan Road Pak Kret district Nonthaburi. The budget for the purchase of land and buildings that have come from income of the State Lottery Association, which has been allocated by the Government Lottery Office 1,200 copies.


In 2001, the association has a registered name of an amendment to the association from “School Alumni Association Vocational Training Center for the Blind” to “Alumni Career Training and Development Center for the Blind,” to reflect the name of the institution changed its name to. “Skills Development Center for the Blind,” which the administration of the association is carried out continuously until on September 6th 2005, he was certified as a public benefit organization from the Board of the National Social Welfare and Ministry of Social Development and Human Security no.0161


Members of the Association


Members of the Association An alumnus who graduated from the School for the Blind Training Center in Nonthaburi or the Skills Development Center for the Blind in the present. The students who attended the first edition (1963) to the 50th edition (2012) as well as alumni who graduated from the Institute, which has more than 1,500 person which 650 are the members of the Association.


  1. Corporate Leader History

The implementation of the Association by the board of directors during the years 1980 – 2007 President of the association will maintain the position for a term of two years and will serve no more than two consecutive terms, which later in the year. Since 2550 the general meeting. regulations have been amended by the President of the association that the president can maintain the position for a term of 4 years and will serve no more than two consecutive terms, which the history of the Association is the leading organization since its inception, the association To date are as follows:

  1. Mr. Nipon Heetaphat since 1980-1981
  2. Mr. Tongdee Katong since 2525-2526
  3. Mr. Prayhud Phunhongong since 1984-1985
  4. Acting Sub Lt. Suthat Sunglang since 2529 – 2530
  5. Mr. Winai Witthayapolcharoen since 2531-2532
  6. Mr. Nipon Heetaphat since 1990-1993
  7. police Sergeant major Kamol Narapuk since 1994 – 1997
  8. Mr. Suwit Sompetch Since 1998 – 1999
  9. Mr. Rungarun Sukjit since 2000-2544
  10. Mr. Teerapol Phowhee since 2002 to 2005
  11. Police Captain Chan Supina since 2006 – 2016
  12. Mr. Sawean Ngamsang since 2017 – present.






  1. The structure and operation of the association.


The association is managed by a board, which was blinded in the form of a board of directors from 7 but not more than 15 people in the agenda for a term of 4 years ,the founder of the first committee in the agenda for a term of two. but there has been a change since 2007. Also a subcommittee, consultants and staff association be part of the administration, according to the authority which is defined in the rules and regulations of the association, The structure is as following:


  1. Administrative section is responsible for the administration, Finance and Accounting Registration Member hostess and public relations. The staff association the work of the three positions, serving as the executive board and help provide services to members.
  2. Loterry Section Is responsible for the operation of lottery cash from the Government Lottery Office. And paid to the members to sell, as well as the control and supervision of the lottery according to the terms of the contract lotteries.
  3. Promotion and Welfare department is responsible for promoting knowledge of the profession and its members to grant loans to the occupation. While considering and welfare to its members as well as the supervision of the Cremation Association.
  4. Procurement department Is responsible for the procurement of office equipment and hiring a technician to repair the building.
  5. Revenue Department is responsible for the provision of funding to support activities and projects of the Association
  6. Health Care and Sport Department is responsible for the event or campaign to provide members a healthy event, sport and sporting types.
  7. Promotion of education and cognitive development is promote the education of the members. As well as to undertake projects to improve skills and knowledge in various fields to subscribers.
  8. Special Affairs department is responsible for the activities, relationships between alumni and students in the Skills Development Center for the Blind and activities on various important.
  9. Association consultants. The Executive Committee recommends to the implementation of the Association’s goals and objectives.


  1. Services to Members


The association is open on Monday – Saturday from 09:00 to 17:00 the incumbent President, Mr. Sawian Ngamsang implementation of the rules and regulations of the association and provide for members


3.1 Welfare service Association provide grant to the members. Divided into three conditions.

3.1.1 medical expenses. The medical expenses for members and families less than 4,000 baht per year with welfare and medical costs for members aged 60 years and over for 1,000 baht per year.

3.1.2 Education. Provide scholarships to members and their children of the 5 levels.

– Kindergarten, 15 scholarships of 1,600 baht

– Primary school, 15 scholarships of 1,800 baht

– Junior high school, 15 scholarships of 2,000 baht

– High school, 15 scholarships of 2,500 baht

– Higher education, 15 scholarships of 3,000 baht.

3.1.3 Assistance in case of death.

– Provide financial assistance to the member for 6,000 baht

– Provide financial assistance for parents, Wife and child deaths for 3,000 baht.


3.2 Government Services

The association has been allocated a quota of government of lottery for 623 copies were distributed to the members of the 122 members to sale at a price 7,040 baht per copy.


3.3 provides a loan for the occupation.

The association has a budget to fund loans for members career for  600,000 baht loan program allows members loaning less than 30,000 baht and paid at the rate of 1 percent for the other members  to continue the loan.



3.4 The Library

The association offers a library. “Khunying Samanchai Damrongphattayakhun” provides Braille books, Audio books, Daisy type, MP3s and CDs, so that members can borrow or copy them. The audio books are mainly in the category of books, textbooks, fiction and general knowledge.

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