Association service

Association service


The association is open on Monday – Saturday from 09.00 – 17.00 At present, the president of the association is Mr. Swian Ngamsaeng. And has provided services to members as followings:


1) Medical welfare services for wife members and children, In the amount of 4,000 baht per year.

2) Medical welfare benefits for members aged 60 years and over in the amount of 1,000 baht per year.

3) Scholarship services for wife members and children, from kindergarten to higher education level, each level of 15 scholarships, with different grants for each level of education as followings:


– Kindergarten, amount 1,600 baht

– Primary school, amount 1,800 baht

– Junior high school, amount 2,000 baht

– High school, amount 2,500 baht

– Higher education (Bachelor degree), amount 3,000 baht


4) Services for financial support for members and families in case of death By giving 6,000 baht in case of death and 3,000 baht for the case of the family’s death.

5) Government Lottery Services for sale by receiving from the association at the price of 7,040 baht per book.

6) Loan service for the occupation of the amount of not more than 30,000 baht, depending on the consideration of the sub-committee for promotion and professional development.

7) Library services The Association has Khun Ying Saman Damrongphattayakhun Library provide membership services to borrow audio books and Braille books.

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